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Family Therapy: West
Primary Care: East
Mental Health: West
Organic Food Market
Holistic Dentistry
Art/Music Therapy
Chiropractic: East
Massage Therapy: East
Sports Medicine: West
Sports Medicine: East
Tai Chi
Lab Services: West
Lab Services: East
Assisted Living: West
Assisted Living: East
CCRC: West
CCRC: East



The Pembroke Pines Integrative Health Network is an affiliation of member organizations that share the following objectives:

   A.  Provide a value-added network that utilizes a holistic approach to achieving optimal health for its clients in Pembroke Pines and neighboring communities;

   B.  Combine eastern and western healing-oriented practices into a single health network;

   C.  Use natural and less invasive healing approaches whenever possible;

   D.  Remove barriers that inhibit the body's natural 

healing response; and

   E.  Engage body, mind, spirit and community to facilitate healing and optimize health.

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